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Marissa Bostick SBD Doula and Chaplain, EOLD, CAPD (DV)

Certified Expert Sound Healer
My Story of Loss and Hope

November 2017 was when it all started. I was pregnant with my first baby. We went into a regular OBGYN appointment and discovered that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was 23 weeks along. We were sent to the hospital and induced. They were never able to give us a reason for this loss, and my next pregnancy was filled with stress and anxiety that we would lose our baby again. After all that stress, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, and a girl two years later. I learned a lot from my journey of loss and hope, and I am so thankful for the lives of all three of my children and how I have grown and been challenged as a mother. 

After the loss of our baby, I knew I wanted to work with other parents who had gone through loss. I just didn't know how. And that's when I found Stillbirthday and certified as a bereavement doula through them in 2020. I knew that I wanted to provide hands on support to families, to help celebrate and mourn the beautiful lives of their beloved angels. I have since added more training and certifications to provide as many different types of support as possible. I am constantly looking for new ways to support and assist parents who have experienced loss and trauma and cannot wait to use my experience and training to help you on your own journey.

Click on the link below to read my interview on Mystic Magazine to learn more about my work and the families I serve.

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