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Doula Services

Support before baby arrives

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Birth Support Planning

If you have experienced previous loss or trauma, thinking about your upcoming birth can be extremely triggering and difficult. I will help you to plan out what you need from your birth experience and what we can do to fulfill that need.


Antenatal Doula Support

If your pregnancy have been classified as high risk or if you have been put on bed rest, I'm here to help. I can assist in accommodating dietary and activity restrictions, and help you make a birth plan that will keep you and baby safe while also giving you the birth experience that you are hoping for.

If you have been put on bed rest, I can help you with creating a peaceful and restful space around you. I can assist with meals, light household chores, and making sure you are comfortable and have everything you need in arms reach.

$35 per hour

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Young Mother

One-on-One Childbirth Education

Sometimes childbirth classes can bring a lot of anxiety and fear. If you have experienced loss, trauma, or feel like a group childbirth education class is an unsafe place for you, I can help. I would be happy to provide you with a one-on-one class that will be tailored specifically to your needs and experiences. You will never be forced to share your pregnancy history or be placed in a position you find uncomfortable or triggering. We will work together to provide you the education you need in the most gentle and accommodating way possible.


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